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International Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences

Vol. 6, Issue 1, Part A (2024)

A review on cerebro-vascular accidents


Sheela AJ Williams and Dr Anupama Vinay Oka


A stroke, also known as a cerebral vascular accident, occurs when an artery in the brain becomes blocked, either temporarily or permanently, preventing blood and oxygen from reaching brain cells. Death and damage to brain tissue occur when either of these conditions is met. When a person suffers a stroke, they lose the ability to speak, move, and remember because of the death of two million brain cells every minute. There is a correlation between having a lot of dead brain cells and having a higher chance of having some kind of permanent brain damage, disability, or death.

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Sheela AJ Williams and Dr Anupama Vinay Oka. A review on cerebro-vascular accidents. Int. J. Nurs. Health Sci. 2024;6(1):01-04. DOI: 10.33545/26649187.2024.v6.i1a.52