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International Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences

Vol. 5, Issue 2, Part A (2023)

Practices regarding newborn care adopted by mothers in selected rural areas of Ambala, Haryana


Sonam Rani and Sathish Rajamani


Background of the Study: The goals of essential newborn care (ENC) are to ensure that the umbilical cord is cut with sterile instruments, that nothing is applied to the chord, that the infant is dried and kept warm as soon as possible (within five minutes), that bathing is delayed until at least 72 hours after birth, and that nursing is started within the first hour after birth. When women in rural areas give birth at home without the help of trained medical professionals, they often resort to using hazardous techniques on their newborn. 
Aim of the Study: To evaluate the newborn care practices adopted by mothers in designated rural areas. 
Methodology: Due to the problem and study goals, a quantitative non-experimental method was used to study rural Ambala mothers' baby care behaviors. Descriptive surveys were best for rural Ambala moms' newborn care behaviors. The investigation took place in seven rural Ambala areas: Singhpura, Barara, Budiyon, Ugala, Adhoa, Kalpi, Seembla. The study comprises 60 new mothers. This study used "purposive sampling" to select newborn mothers. A checklist and "expressed practice" questionnaire were used to observe rural Ambala women' baby care. The observational checklist and expressed practice questionnaire examined mothers' baby care habits using observation and interview methods, respectively. 60 mothers from seven rural locations in Sirsgarh, Brara, Budiyon, Ugla, Adhoa, Kalpi, and seembla provided data from March 31 to April 1. Purposeful sampling was used. One mother's newborn care practices were collected in 40–45 minutes (30 minutes for demographics and an observational checklist, 15 minutes for stated practices). Data analysis employed descriptive and inferential statistics. 
Conclusion: Concerning the care of newborns, mothers demonstrated a high degree of practices. It was revealed that there was a substantial association between the amount of practices and the age of the moms.

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International Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences
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Sonam Rani and Sathish Rajamani. Practices regarding newborn care adopted by mothers in selected rural areas of Ambala, Haryana. Int. J. Nurs. Health Sci. 2023;5(2):01-10. DOI: 10.33545/26649187.2023.v5.i2a.48