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International Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences

Vol. 1, Issue 2, Part A (2019)

New technology improve nursing practices and patient’s outcomes


Abeer El Said Hassan El Sol, Asmaa Hamed Abd Elhy


Implementation of technology in health care has become a global trend. It increases nurse's efficiency, but it is also changing the way of care for patients. Technology in nursing has moved them away from pen and paper; from manual ways in delivering nursing care, to being knowledge workers. Technology being central to delivery patient-centered care for improving patient status and outcomes. While patient care technology offers many opportunities to improve nurse productivity and satisfaction, operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, safety, and outcomes, furthermore use of technology in nursing practice preventing errors and adverse events so improved patient’s outcomes. Before extensive application of technology, nurses relied heavily on their senses of sight, touch, smell, and hearing to monitor patient status and to detect changes. Over time, the nurses’ unaided senses were replaced with technology designed to detect physical changes in patient conditions. Consider the case of pulse oxymetry. Before its widespread use, nurses relied on subtle changes in mental status and skin color to detect early changes in oxygen saturation, and they used arterial blood gasses to confirm their suspicions. Now pulse oxymetry allows nurses to identify level of oxygenation saturation before clinical symptoms appear, and thus more promptly diagnose and treat underlying causes. Technology advancements have changed the nursing practice, as the following: Enhanced Communication as use of smartphone; Use of technology innovation as: Electronic Records and barcode; GPS tracking using indoor hospital and Tracking an Ambulance with Global Positioning System; Enhanced Diagnostic Devices as ultrasound technology. When needing help placing an IV, an ultrasound machine can pinpoint the exact location to minimize patient distress; Drug Delivery include lipidic, proteic and polymeric technologies; Smarter Alarm Systems as monitor vital signs and Lifting Patients with Ease as electrical or hydraulic power.

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International Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences
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Abeer El Said Hassan El Sol, Asmaa Hamed Abd Elhy. New technology improve nursing practices and patient’s outcomes. Int. J. Nurs. Health Sci. 2019;1(2):07-15. DOI: 10.33545/26649187.2019.v1.i2a.8